I greet you all in the Name of the loving Father, the merciful Son and the gentle Holy Spirit.
It is with hope and joy that we look forward to a new year in the life of the congregation of DRC Andrew Murray Pretoria.
     †   We are a growing family-sized faith community striving to be a real spiritual family.
     †   We are multicultural and multilingual.
     †   We are comprised of people from all walks of life and many different faith backgrounds.
     †   We practise being warm, inviting and accepting.
     †   We strive to live what we confess to believe, and we do so by the vision of being a faith community where …
     †   anyone is welcome,
     †   nobody is perfect and
     †   anything is possible.
This being more than just words, we are excited and committed to sharing more events and services with the Reforming Church, with whom we share our facilities and our hearts.
We are looking towards the new year with the certain knowledge that God has yet again proven Himself to be faithful in His caring and providing for us. So, we want to practice being caring and generous as well. To that end, we want to be reminded monthly of those who need our generosity, presence and prayers. Watch for these “Caritas Sundays” on the calendar, as well as our “Shopping bag Sundays”. This also means that we want to invite all those we know, who doesn’t have a faith community, to visit and join ours. Love and fellowship were always meant to be shared. So, each of you is invited to accept God’s invitation to take part in inviting someone to our “Bring a Friend” events.
With our eyes fixed firmly on God and His steadfastness, we want to grow into the future, following where He leads us. As a congregation, we want to passionately strive to help in creating a climate for growth and depth, to happen in every child of God, who accepts His invitations to greater intimacy. In dependence on God, we plan some exciting events for 2020, which we hope to share with each of you.
I pray that we all will accept the invitations of the Spirit of God to be a faith-family that grows in depth of wisdom, in the courage to be obedient, in living love and grace, and in the freedom to be who God meant us to be.
Rev. Stefan Botha
Pastor: DRC Andrew Murray Pretoria

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